Cullen Spitzer
Cullen Spitzer
Chairman, CEO & President
Milo Thibeadeau Ted Johnson David Kotzebue Charlie O'Hara
Milo Thibeadeau
Ted Johnson
David Kotzebue
Senior VP
Charlie O'Hara
Senior VP
Mark Cook Will Essner Juan Trevino Patrick Lambright
Mark Cook
Senior VP
Business Development
Will Essner
VP Operations -
Tanner Facility
Juan Trevino
VP Operations -
Patrick Lambright
VP Operations -
Peter Skertich Dee Guinn Eric Linsenbardt Neal Simpson
Peter Skertich
Dee Guinn
VP Human Resources
Eric Linsenbardt
VP Downstream
Business Development
Neal Simpson
VP Upstream & Midstream
Business Development

Supporting our executive team is a highly skilled workforce that is committed to delivering high-quality products safely and on schedule. All Spitzer employees undergo comprehensive HSE training and strive to achieve a zero-incident safety record, and our employees are dedicated to providing unequalled customer service so that our customers’ needs and problems are addressed promptly and courteously.