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The Spitzer Advantage: Integrity Built In

Houston-based Spitzer Industries delivers a broad range of steel fabrication of individual process skids, assembled modules and combined solutions for energy industry customers.

We are a leading custom steel fabricator providing engineered packages, heavy vessels, columns and towers, and structural steel to the production, midstream, subsea and petrochemical sectors. With multiple fabricating disciplines and an experienced workforce, we deliver high-quality, custom-designed products safely and on schedule.

Contact us today to learn how Spitzer can help you meet your objectives on your next fabrication project.

Have you unexpectedly received a check from Spitzer Industries?

Spitzer Industries has been impacted by a large-scale check fraud scheme. People across the country have received letters stating that they have won the lottery, and the correspondence includes a check from Spitzer that is meant to represent the first part of their payment. These checks are fraudulent and cannot be cashed.

We are currently working with the authorities and with our bank to ensure that the matter is investigated and addressed. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your assistance to destroy the document and the check.